Cal Kennedy — 2015 Edmonton Session 1

July 3, 2001

Shooters/Scorers 1

Skill Test Player Score Group Average
10M FORWARD 2.1 sec 2.2 sec
40m Forward 4.22 sec 6.6 sec
10m FW w/Puck 2.3 sec 2.3 sec
40m FW w/Puck 4.35 sec 7.0 sec
AGILITY SHOOTING 10.44 sec 21.1 sec
PRO AGILITY 10.11 sec 13.7 sec
Pro Agility w/Puck 12.44 sec 15.5 sec

Shooters/Scorers 1 Feedback

10/40 Feedback
Demonstrates efficient full body technique. Executes stride leg recovery on a regular basis. Focus on recovering your leg under the center of gravity to maximize full power.
10/40 w/P Feedback
Demonstrates strong top end speed and good stability on skates. Continue to work on full leg extensions, staying low and maximizing your push. Demonstrates good puck handling abilities at an increased speed with correct hand position, and keeping the puck in front of body. Continue to keep eyes up while handling the puck and spatial awareness.
A.S. Shot Prep
Must prepare quicker for shot, must improve hand speed and stick control, needs to work on giving target with stick and communicating with teammates, must improve getting body into position for one timer shot, needs to do a better job adjusting body.
A.S. Quickness
Executes solid timing and shooting efficiency in motion, maintains effective posture.
A.S. Net Awareness
Must improve sight on scoring areas on net, must improve net awareness, and keep head up while controlling puck.
S.A. Accuracy
Continue to develop shooting accuracy by getting your eyes up and focused on small targets. Also make it a priority to follow through to the target with the toe of your stick.
S.A. Soft Catch
Needs to work on cushioning puck on reception in order to load the puck and get it into a stronger shooting position. Continue to develop this method to encourage stick loading, weight transfer and one motion shooting.
S.A. Shot Release
Effectively loads stick and uses body weight transition and timing to generate power. Work to improve hand speed and quickness through the shooting motion. Make sure you change the release point of the puck while generating power by shooting off your opposite foot.
P.A Feedback
Focus on your keeping your hands away from body, eyes up, proper hand and blade position around corners. Use your body effectively to protect the puck and maintain speed around corners.

Shooters/Scorers 2

Skill Test Player Score Group Average
Wrist Shot 57 mph 56.9 mph
Slap Shot 4 mph 63.4 mph

Shooters/Scorers 2 Feedback

Wrist Shot Feedback
Displays strong balance, aggressive weight transfer and maintained focus on target through shot execution. Continue to develop quick release and accuracy with your shot.
Slap Shot Feedback
Continue to work on having a more aggressive weight transfer when shooting by leaning into your stick and making contact behind the puck to generate power. Hand/puck position and timing is key to during the weight transfer.
Passing Feedback
Player displays accuracy, soft hands and proper mechanics while passing and receiving. Continue to work on passing the puck in a variety of ways (One Touch, Saucer, Backhand) as well as improving overall speed and quick hands.
Puck Protection/Net Drive
Needs to be more proficient using body to protect puck and not exposing it to opponent when under pressure and in tight areas. Needs to take puck to the hard areas of the ice and show courage to score goals.
Hockey Sense/ Reading Play
Focus on developing awareness to make reads that create open ice and offensive opportunities, Must anticipate offensive play quicker, must develop greater variety in ways to score, must improve getting free for shot.